Laird & Associates, Inc. is a full-service organization with a specialty in aviation security and an emphasis in global business consulting. Our expertise includes a broad range of security services, capital formation, market penetration and government relations.

Although our focus is in the U. S. market we service clients throughout the world. Unlike other consulting companies, Laird & Associates, Inc. doesn't just react to crisis we solve problems. Laird & Associates, Inc. is prepared to assist businesses and organizations with an array of talent, expertise and experience not often found consulting companies.

Laird & Associates, Inc. is prepared to assist you and your organization in assessing security vulnerabilities and identifying ways of minimizing a multitude of security threats.

Douglas R. Laird, CPP, President
Laird & Associates, Inc.
2618 Edgerock Road
Reno, NV 89519-5765
Tele: +1.775.770.0136
Cell +1.202.415.2324
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